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Atlanta Tele Psychiatry now provides personalized psychiatric on line consultations and treatment. This is offered to you in the comfort of your own familiar environment . This may be your home , office or wherever life may find you. Through our safe secure portal. We offer on line psychiatric services that are personalized and HIPAA compliant .Just similar to the one you receive from a traditional doctors’s office .Your on line sessions and medical records are kept strictly confidential. Scientific research supports the notion both patients and providers are highly satisfied with treatment delivered via tele -psychiatry consultations.
Your access to care is more easier than before. No need for you to wade through the heavy traffic, risking your life in inclement weather, taking time off from work or other life important commitments arranging child care for busy moms or long waiting period in a doctor’s office . All you need is a computer and a high speed internet to log into our secure HIPAA compliant portal. You immediately start receiving relaxed consultations and professional care in the privacy and comfort of your own familiar environment wherever you may be.
Our on line psychiatric consultation services include evaluation, diagnosis and medication management of various psychiatric disorders.

Atlanta Telepsychiatry.

Dealing with mental health problems can be challenging. If you are struggling with a mental health condition, you should seek the assistance of a psychiatrist. However, looking for a psychiatrist nearby might be a very difficult task because of acute shortage of psychiatrists across the nation. This causes long waiting period of several months. This subsequently leads to psychiatric crisis or emergency requiring hospitalization causing several thousand dollars. You don’t have to go through that expensive route. You can begin your treatment within 48 hours or less, of contacting Atlanta Tele Psychiatry at www.atalantatelepsychiatry.com. Or call us at 678-562-2081 for immediate video consultation.

Commonly Treated Disorders!

Medication Management

Managing medication to overcome a health condition is something that you should take seriously. It is important to seek a healthcare expert and receive assistance with medication management. Then you will be provided with all useful information on how to manage your medication accordingly. You will be provided with a proper plan to follow. If you can follow the plan, you can end up with getting the results that you always wanted to have. Atlanta Tele Psychiatry specializes in medication management of multitude of psychiatric disorders. Contact us today to begin your immediate journey to recovery.


Depression is a common health problem among many people. If not adequately and promptly treated it can lead to major health problems. It can even ruin your entire life. A series of video consultations with Atlanta Tele Psychiatry will be able to provide you with care and assistance you need to overcome the depressive thoughts that are going through your mind. All you need to do is contact us at  678 -562-2081 to seek the assistance of an expert psychiatrist. You will love the results that, along with the ability to overcome depression.


36 reviews on
Kelli Camel
Kelli Camel
Both doctor and staff are wonderful people. They always quickly call or text back when you need them. They are compassionate, professional and truly care. I would recommend to anyone.
Susan Bivins
Susan Bivins
Choosing this psychiatrist was a wise decision. They demonstrated a deep understanding of mental health issues and offered practical strategies for coping and self-care. Their empathy and patience created a non-judgmental environment where I felt safe expressing myself. I appreciate their dedication and professionalism.
David Mcvay
David Mcvay
Well the experience I’ve had with Dr. Bobatope over the last 2 months has been great. I’m a disabled veteran and the VA is a nightmare trying to get care so I branched out and I’m glad I did. She made transferring my medication smooth and easy. Even tho they don’t take my insurance it’s worth every penny and a fair price and I will continue to see her for the foreseeable future. The staff are a delight they really make this place even better they are prompt in replying and letting you know details , I mean I could go on and on. I’m glad I got to follow up with her today my work schedule is hectic so being able to video chat is a life saver. Thankyou Dr Bobatope and ur wonderful staff. I wish for happy holidays and the best of regards for you guys and your families. God bless
Kimberly Head
Kimberly Head
Truly cares about her clients and very personable. I’d highly recommend Dr. Babatope to anyone seeking help.
Darrell Hall
Darrell Hall
Dr. Babatope has been wonderful. I have referred many clients to her. Her office staff is prompt and efficient in setting appointments. It is a Professional establishment. This is NOT a mill. The cost without insurance is fair and manageable. I encourage everyone searching for a Psychiatrist to try her.

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