There are 4 easy steps to sign up for services

  1. Schedule your online appointment on our website.
  2. Enroll for video consultation. (Note you will be required to input a valid credit card during this process. Your card  will only be charged  after each video consultation
  3. Complete  and sign new patient packet  and return with a copy of your valid state drivers license
  4. Begin your treatment with our psychiatrist 


Most psychiatric conditions including mood, anxiety, thought, cognitive disorders. are effectively managed by tele-psychiatric consultations. Our therapeutic interventions are done through education and medication management only. We currently do not offer counseling services.

At your scheduled appointment time you simply log in from your home, office, or wherever you happen to be. Your doctor will also log in and your session will begin on time. No sitting in traffic on the way to doctors  office and no long time stay in doctors waiting room!

You will see each other face-to-face on your computer/ laptop/ iphone /or android  screen and carry on your conversation just as you would in the office. We find that patients are much more relaxed in their own setting, and without the stress of traveling, arranging for child care services or interrupting their work schedule  or other life commitments. They can really focus on their care and getting better.

Absolutely. Online therapy sessions are completely secure using HIPPA-compliant security measures.Video conferences can not be recorded without  written consent by either party. Confidentiality is our utmost priority. Your doctor will conduct the sessions in a private location, just as would be done in any other physicians office.

All limitations inherent in the traditional psychiatrist-patient relationship are present in tele-psychiatry. We may need  your authorization to  communicate with your local health care providers for effective collaboration during initiation and continuity of care.Tele -psychiatry consultations may not be appropriate for  taking care of crisis situations or psychotic cases.

Through a seamless effort  after each psychiatric consultation all your prescriptions are sent directly to your local pharmacy for your pick up .

Cost and treatment satisfaction  are comparable to in-office visits and offer many savings that you wouldn’t otherwise see. No time away

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